Global Terrorism

It is a sad but undeniable fact that the term “terrorism” is becoming more and more familiar to the world with each day that passes. Carrying out acts of terror is becoming a game for the executers; blow a place up or empty a few rounds into a crowd and instill instant fear into the hearts of people all around the world.

Naturally, when we think “terrorism” we think “Muslim” or “Afghani” or “ISIS”. These are some of the key players that come to our minds when we think about terrorism. But we do not know for sure whether Islam, the religion of the Muslims, is the reason for acts of terror worldwide. We don’t know that the militant group ISIS or terrorists from Afghanistan are sparking all this. Perhaps it’s time to consider another possibility.

Fear and Instability: the Aim of a Terrorist

We are seeing proof everyday that terrorism is spiking higher globally; the recent bombing in Istanbul, Turkey, the shooting at a nightclub in Orlando in the US, the man who drove his truck over a crowd of people in Nice, France. These kinds of acts are all joining together to create a general sense of hysteria and havoc. We don’t know why it’s happening and whether it’s going to keep happening. But what we do know is this: we can’t keep blaming a certain religious or rebel group for these attacks cropping up all over the world. The fact is, terrorism made its debut way before any of us showed up.

Killing, maiming, bombing, and shooting are at an all-time high throughout the world. However, it is also true that aggression and frustration seem to be running rampant. Perhaps we shouldn’t be singling out any specific person or group. Maybe the problem is in all of us.

Key Player: The World

An act of terror can stem from anything; a barbed word, a hateful look. It can be the product of years of humiliation and abuse at the hands of someone more powerful. It can be the result of years of injustice and withholding of rights. Corruption, hate, and greed are breeding grounds for rebels who want to make a stand and are ready to kill to make their point.

Global terrorism needs to be yanked out by its roots. People need to be taught; every life, whether we know it and care for it or not, matters.

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