5 Ingredients Of A Successful College Application Essay

The college application essay is probably the most important part of your whole application. It can often be tricky for some students to do this task well, because in this part there are no specific rules and at the end there are no right or wrong answers. There is just a blank paper and a pen. You can write about anything you want. That is what scares students. They basically have to write about themselves. This helps the admissions committee to see who they are and how they think.

Since most students get anxious when thinking about this part of the application, we decided to provide you with the 5 ingredients of a successful college application essay.

  1. Choose a good topic
  2. The most important part of the essay is to choose the right topic which will highlight your personality. The topic should allow you to talk about yourself and your way of thinking. It is not important to list all the extracurricular activities you have been part of in high school, or to talk about that basketball game in your senior year. You should find something that will show all the good sides of you.

  3. The number of words doesn't matter
  4. Many students try to write much content and they think that this is the right way to show how smart they are. That is not important at all. If you write too much, there is a chance that you will miss the topic or go to deep into it. Be concise and on point. The admissions officer already has a bunch of papers to read, so try to put the main thought of your topic in less than 700 words.

  5. Be honest
  6. No matter what you write about, try to be as honest as possible. Lies can help you for a short amount of time, but they often just lead to problems. If you write about yourself, you should write about true facts because it will reflect a natural way of writing.

  7. Take care of the spelling and grammar
  8. No one wants to read an essay with a lot of wrong spelled words and with bad grammar. Make sure to prepare before and proofread everything a few times if you have time left.

  9. Be yourself
  10. If you try to be yourself, then you will stand out from the others. Not many students have the courage to express themselves fully, so it is always good to show how different you are by just being yourself. It is always good when you stand out from the crowd!

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