The 5 Most creative college essay topics

Creative essays are open-minded discussions written by a free-spirited person. It is a narrative that enables the writer to express themselves and expose their deepest imaginations. There is nothing technical about this form of writing. The idea is to give a story and of course an interesting one. Its synopsis should be captivating. As far as choice of topic goes, there is not a single restriction; creativity is all that counts. Even if your instructor narrows down the writing prompt, you will have to design your own flow of ideas.

5 examples of creative essay topics

Take a look at these prompts.

  • Tell about a past memory that taught you a life lesson
  • Write about your fist romantic encounter
  • Describe a court proceeding featuring a the judge’s partner as the defender
  • Explain the journey of a pregnant woman who has been told by the doctor that either she or her child will not survive
  • Talk about an ugly situation e.g. cruelty and point the positive side of it

Creative ways to write an essay

  • Pre-writing tips
    After picking your topic, think about the theme you want to express. The theme doesn’t have to be so familiar. You can have an intriguing one and with a wonderful lesson. Then you need some research. The more you study a topic the more brilliant your ideas become. Find different sources and integrate them into your masterpiece. To kept the reader tuned, you need to tell who, when, where, how, and what. For that matter, you have to format the story well in advance. In other words, you have to keep a record of the sequence of ideas in form of a draft.
  • Put it on a paper
    Build your story based on the structure that you made. Even if the flow of thoughts doesn’t emerge as nice as you wanted, keep writing and edit as better ideas pop in. The important thing is to stay inclined to the initial plans.
  • Plot development
    Creative writing has a standard structure with the introduction, main body and conclusion. Every section is unique and quintessential. One effective process of a creative masterpiece follows 3 steps namely: set up, confrontations, and resolutions. The set-up introduces the characters and how they interact. Confrontations are the turning points where good turns bad or vice versa i.e. something important occurs to change everything. Then there is resolution part that which explains a peak point of the story.

Here, there are no rules and you can write almost anything from poems to short narratives. Just have fun with your work.

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