Writing An Essay Introduction – A Step-By-Step Guide

Not all communication is verbal. You’ll be spending a lot of time writing in the professional real world and being able to compose is an essential tool. This is why you spend so much time writing assignments for your teacher. An essay is one form of writing you should attempt to master. It has various sections and perhaps the most important is the Introduction. This is a means by which you do it properly.

  1. Do You Understand Your Thesis? Your composition has to have a topic and if you understand it you can enter it into the Introduction relatively easy. Within your Introduction is a statement of that theme. It will be the center of the sentences.
  2. The Audience Matters. The people for whom you will be writing the essay is a major consideration. Some may be very familiar with the topic, or another audience may not be knowledgeable at all. Having an understanding of those who will be reading the work is a major influence on the topic.
  3. Grab Them in The Beginning. A marketing expert will tell you that this is the hook for your entire essay. You have to be able to capture the attention of the reader right from the beginning. If you don’t, this person will probably not read what you have written.
  4. Guide The Reader Through the Opening Sentences. After that introductory sentence you write information which keeps the reader interested in what you are writing. You provide facts and figures, or perhaps arguments as you go along.
  5. The last sentence will reveal to the reason for the assignment. Make it a strong statement and they will continue to read the text.

The choice of words you use in the Introduction is just as important as those you select for the rest of your content. Always remember that you are trying to keep readers interest focused on the thesis you are writing about. This means not using technical language or words that may not be understood. You also have to keep up the attention with the flow of the story. This is just as true in the beginning as it is in the body. By proper use of punctuation and grammar you will be able to engage the reader more. The interest will not diminish as the sentences go by. Working on the Introduction is part of the education process of writing. If you devote the right attention to you will find that writing drafting these sections of any essay will become progressively easier.

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