Tips for Coming Up With Awesome Essay Topics

To write an amazing essay you need a great topic to give you the motivation and power to get top grades. There are many ways that you can come up with get essay topics which will give you excellent marks. These tricks will help you come up with excellent topics which will allow you to work to your maximum potential.

  1. Use a blank sheet of paper – Often we have too many distractions in our lives, especially in college. If you are trying to come up with college essay topics turn off your electronic devices and sit in front of a blank sheet of paper. Write down everything that’s on your mind without passing judgement on your ideas. You might already have lots of fantastic ideas in your head but you have too much noise which blocks them from coming out.
  2. Talk to someone – Some of the best ideas come through conversation, ask a friend for help if you can. It doesn’t matter if they have knowledge on the subject or not but it often helps if they do. Taking your friend for a beer can often be a good way to come up with ideas, alcohol is known to boost creativity and can help you find these new ideas.
  3. Read – some of the best ideas have come from looking at research gaps, start reading more about your subject and you will soon find loads of gaps within the literature. If you are looking for really high marks this is the best way to come up with new ideas and will impress your lecturers. There are many good essay topics to be found buried within research articles, literature reviews are particularly good for addressing gaps within the literature.
  4. Do something else – often we are at our most creative when we are doing something else, many entrepreneurs comment that their most creative time is in the shower. If you are pushed to come up with an idea, go for a run or a long walk. It will give your brain a chance to give you an excellent topic.

There are lots of ways that you can come up with great essay topics and these tips will help you come up with them. It’s often difficult to come up with topics but these tips will make it as easy as possible. If you are struggling with coming up a good topic, keep going and follow this link, you will find thing much easier soon.

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