The Best Way To Write A Narrative Essay

A narrative essay begins with a story or an experience. In order to make it effective, you must speak with conviction and understand the story you are trying to tell. This paper will teach the audience a lesson through your words. This paper should give insight or make the reader aware of the story you are trying to tell. There are several ways to write a great narrative paper. However, there are a few over the top tips to make it amazing.

  • Find Your Story
  • What is something you feel strongly about? What is a situation that happened to you that changed your life? You must first find your story in order to tell it. If you are given a topic perhaps by an instructor or professor, do some research first. Get to know the topic at hand. Then, use your creativity to spin a story about the topic. This type of paper is subject to the imagination.

  • Be Creative
  • In order to tell a story, you must be creative. Regardless of your topic, you can use creative language and descriptions to add flair to your paper. For example, you can use, “The flowers glowed brightly up from the green grass in the spring air” instead of “the flowers were pretty”. This helps the reader to see things from your point of view and perspective instead of just seeing a generic image of a flower. This language will hook your reader as well.

  • Communicate
  • Although this paper involves storytelling and creative writing, it is important to understand that there can be some learning too. Through creative writing, you can discuss ideas and beliefs as well as difficult topics. However, instead of writing a research paper, you can add a story to discuss the issue at hand. For instance, if you need to write a paper regarding gender roles, you could write a story about a female overcoming adversity. The sky is the limit. Just communicate with grace just what you want to say.

Writing an essay with narrative style is a fun and engaging way to reach your reader. Your reader can feel your writing instead of just reading it. If you follow the above tips and add your own personal language and creativity, you will be well on your way to a perfect paper. Find your story, do your research or think about it and just enjoy yourself.

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