A Collection Of Captivating Position Essay Topics

Taking a position essay topics involves taking and defending a stance. You must give your own perspective regarding the issue and reinforce it with logical arguments as well as good examples. There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to choosing a topic for such an essay. You have the freedom to pick on any life facet and tell the reader what you think about it. In this guide is a collection of prompts you can use to inspire you.

Find here an interesting example of a position essay!

Social topics
  • Racism is at its worst peak in Western countries
  • Should the government impose more rules on media coverage?
  • How parents encourage proactive behavior for their kids
  • Reasons why some iconic people go through tremendous lifestyle problems
  • vShould drug testing be a must for people on welfare?
  • The causes of increasing child obesity
  • Right to die should not be granted to any being
  • Marijuana should be prohibited for good
Education topics
  • How to teach Non-English students in public schools
  • The significance of civil arts in education
  • Students should take foreign languages in their curriculum
  • Can learning be improved by addition of school days?
  • College athletes should be offered salaries
  • Reasons schools need to budget for fine arts
Technology discussions
  • Technology has taken away human dignity
  • Mass media is the main transformational agent in communication
  • People are becoming indolent as a result of new technology
  • Should i-Pads and internet resources replace textbooks?
  • Use of phones and E-mails cannot compare to face-to-face conversations
  • Research done by experimenting on animals is inhuman
  • How is global warming a life threat?
  • Ways the government should offer healthy water to every citizen
  • The economy versus the environment

Choose an issue and do thorough research. Make sure that it is a debatable matter: one that evokes varied opinions. When doing your research, narrow down the writing prompt into one sentence that presents your standpoint. It can be a theory, definition, rule, fact, or cause. A good point to note is that position papers are different from argumentative dispositions. For an argument, the support comes from thorough research while a position treatise is based on personal observations and opinions. So do not be tricked while tacking either one of them. As such, the topic for position writing depends on a student’s knowledge.

Ensure that your subject is comprehensible and one that you have in-depth knowledge on so that you can establish firm arguments. Then be creative to compel the audience.

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