Points To Include In Your Argumentative Essay About Smoking

Smoking has undergone a very clear public relations transition over the past few decades. It is becoming less and less acceptable and there are more smoke free zones than ever before. If you want to write an argumentative essay on the practice, here are a few points to consider.

  • It is a personal choice
  • As much as the smell of cigarette smoke can be a bit noxious, adults have the right to engage in the practice. They also have the responsibility to not inflict the consequences of their choices on others. Second hand smoke is said to be even more dangerous than the first consumption by the smoker.

  • It has been a part of human existence for centuries
  • While cigarettes in their current form are relatively new, the use of smoke medicinally is not. Tobacco is a medicinal plant to many South American native peoples. They use the smoke itself for spiritual cleansing and rub the ashes on their skin to treat certain skin disorders. There is a very real difference between that and the consumption of cigarettes.

  • Nicotine is one of the most dangerous substances humans can legally consume
  • One of the main reason that people who use cigarettes are at risk of severe health problems is that cigarettes are packed with very dangerous chemicals to make them more addictive. One of these is nicotine. This is why they consume so many and put their lives at risk.

  • Not everyone who smokes consumes cigarettes
  • This point matter in part because health ministries can clearly point out millions of deaths related to the consumption of cigarettes and none related to the smoking of cannabis. No one has yet been able to test a fatal dose of that smoked substance and it is suspected that such a quantity would be too vast for one individual to comfortably consume.

  • There are new methods of smoking
  • Vaporizers allow smokers to consume the same general chemicals without the use of smoke. The concept is the same the delivery method is different. This solves many of the issues related to the practice but not all of them.

There are no easy answers on this and the way that you apply the points will be influenced by your own thoughts on the matter. Bear this in mind and do your own research to find other points to help you.

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