Working on a Global Regents Thematic Essay: Helpful Directions to Follow

Are you scared to write a thematic exposition on global regents? This guide will show you how to write the perfect essay in an effective process that will help you attain high grades.

  • In-depth analysis
    Quality, as well as quantity, matters a lot. You need the two of them to succeed in custom essay writing. If you write scanty sentences with correct answers, you might fail because the scope is too little. Details are what you are required to give. For any type of thematic assignment given, you have an opportunity to answer it in many ways but you cannot answer in just three sentences. That wouldn’t be an analysis. Your examiner expects you to analyze critically by use of coherent facts and examples. The best answers are contextual, coherent, and exemplary.
  • Choose a niche
    Don’t take this for granted. You must choose a theme and topic you are well versed in. After the query, regents give various alternatives for what you can talk about but don’t allow their choices to limit your thoughts. For example, if you are given a writing prompt on economic growth, you should determine what area you are good at and base your arguments on it e.g. how Agriculture contributes to the development of rural infrastructure. However, do not pick a theme that you have too little to say about.
  • Equally answer all the bullets
    Normally, you are given two or three points to prove or answer to. If you write two pages for one bullet, do the same for the rest. Every part needs an answer. For instance, the question could be as follows.
    1. Describe two sociology concepts
    2. Explain how they influence culture
    3. How do they contribute positively to the economy
    You realize that the question is requesting 6 explanations and not 3. Make sure that you do not skip any questions. Organize your answers and add concrete details to show your prowess.
  • Take caution
    Be very careful about the general guidelines e.g. you are not allowed to describe the history of the country. In this type of writing, there are certain topics you cannot handle because they are considered off-limits. Follow the instructions carefully and read between words.

Global regents essay topics

  1. Violation of human rights: carefully study apartheid.
  2. Describe 3 main religions and how they impact on character development.
  3. How geography affects world history (mountains, islands, natural harbors).
  4. Discuss political revolutions in different countries.

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