Manual On Composing An Essay On Why You Want To Become A Nurse

Composing an essay, much like composing a symphony, requires that a lot of thought and careful planning be put into it. Therefore, before you jump into writing it, there are some basic instructions to follow to make sure that it turns out just right.

Instruction Manual on Essay Composition

  • Brainstorming
  • Put pen to paper and list down all the thoughts and ideas you have for this assignment. For this topic, you could make multiple lists that set out your reasons for wanting to become a nurse, how do you plan to become one, and nursing schools that you would like to go to. This will give you an overview of what you wish to include in your composition.

  • Digging Deep
  • If, after laying out your ideas, you find you need to research and look up details on certain specific things that you wish to mention in your paper, you can do that next. Use the internet to find reliable resources of information related to your subject matter. Your school’s library is another great vista of knowledge available for you to go through and find more details on the topic of your interest.

  • Composing
  • Once you have your ideas planned out, and all the relevant research was done, you can then commence the task of writing. You will find that having everything already set out will make the task much easier, simpler and clearer for you. Everything will make sense in your mind, and hence, the words will flow very easily through your mind to the essay, ensuring that the it turns out well.

  • Check, Re-check & Check Again
  • The importance of re-checking your completed paper at least twice is monumental. There are often minor mistakes that may have eluded you while you were writing and they can be rectified now. There are sometimes certain sentences that you don’t particularly like; you can go back and restructure them in a manner that better suits the idea that you are trying to impart to the reader.

Writing an article can be a fruitful and enjoyable task if you make it be thus. If you start off by direct writing, then there is a chance that half way through your ideas will meander into pointless avenues. So, always remember to follow the basics of brainstorming and digging deep before you begin writing, and never forget to re-check it to eliminate any mistakes.

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