Basic Tips For Students: How To Write A Three-Paragraph Essay

Writing essays can be a fulfilling experience and we are quite fortunate, as a species, to be able to share our innermost thoughts, feelings and desire through written language is truly valuable. Think of all the knowledge and experiences we have lost because they happened in an age before written records were as common as they are now.

Writing a three paragraph piece is an exercise usually reserved for short stories, both fictional and factual. What makes these essay special is their versatility, a good author can achieve great effects by making use of several trick in their three paragraph essay. Now you may be asking yourself, what are these tricks? Well lucky for you, they are not hard to come by if you know where to look and in the following short points, I will outline some basic tips to help you write your own, three paragraph essay.

  1. A solid introduction
  2. This is a short paper, which means that every section of it is significant. Take your time while constructing the introduction. Find ways to make it as impacting as possible. In this section, you wish to give readers enough information to pave the way for what to come. Since this is a short piece, there is no need to coax the reader to read on, simply start the story from the beginning.

  3. The reason for the paper
  4. Included in your introduction, you want to give the reason for the paper itself. Whether it be an academic paper or a fictional story, readers must be given an understanding of the reason why this particular piece, should be of interest to them.

  5. Body
  6. The second paragraph of your paper should contain the root of the story and you must do your best to be as detailed as possible. You story must have three main points, and the body is one of them. In the body, develop your characters and set the scene as much as you can. Making use of powerful literary device can be helpful at this stage.

  7. Climax
  8. As your story unfold, you must get to the point, the reason behind the existence of this tale. Your climax must be worth the attentions so make it a good one.

  9. Conclusion
  10. As you close up your story, end with a single line that represent the entire paper. Keep it within the bounds of the information provided.

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